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3 Critical Components Needed to Improve ROI with Online Learning Content:

Interactive Elements
  • Interactive Videos

  • Drag and DropMemory Cards, Speak-the-Answer, and more

  • Simulations

  • Timeliness of feedback is critical

  • Lets learner know if on the right track

  • Creates a social element

W/Immediate Feedback
  • When and how to use analytics

  • informs the instructor of each individual's needs

  • Provides accountability 

w/Meaningful User Analytics
Interactive eLearning Includes

eLearning Interactions  Specialist

Towards Meaningful Learning Experiences

What every learning designer should consider:

"Smart" content doesn't mean anything if your users can't access it. 


eLearningChick Services

As a consultant
Develop Interactive Content
Improve User Experience
  • Embeddable interactive elements

  • SCORM modules - simulations, videos with embedded questions, LMS ready

  • Voiceover, narration, script writing, storyboarding

  • Learning Principles for all

  • Software Adoption Best Practices

  • Unconcious Bias in Hiring Practices

  • Training outlines, scheduling, assessments

  • Learning pathway architecture and improvement

  • Usability testing

  • Course improvements for intuitive user interface

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