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Product Mgmnt
I have nearly 2.5 years experience in a multi-hat role as a Sr. Manager of Success while also being a Product Manager. This has included:
  • Owning specific features of the platform
  • Engaging in bi-weekly, seasonal prioritization meetings to feed into engineering sprints
  • Performing User Research on special projects (e.g. driving improved iterations of training modules and on specific features on platform)
  • Helping inform decisions on product roadmap
  • Developing and maintaining an Asana task board to catalog, organize, and prioritize engineering product requests and bugs
  • Supporting internal requests and UI needs, funneling those requests into specific tasks with engineers and overseeing them
UX/UI Design
My career path is not to be a fulltime UX/UI Designer, but I have formal training and experience in this which has made me a better CSM, instructional designer, and a qualified product manager. Here are some areas of training and expertise:
  • User Experience Design
  • UI Design Principles
  • User Journeys and Red Routes
  • Wireframes
  • Prototype
  • User Research
  • Competitor Research
Why I Chose
This Path?
When I took a deep dive into learning program management as part of my career growth (2012-2018) and formal training in my Masters program (2015-16), I became obsessed with user experience and UI principles. I realized that the slightest deterrence of the population I was responsible for onboarding onto technology would make them discouraged and never try again. I found similar concepts in the young adult students I was also teaching in public schools. Learners and users of all ages--from high school youth to seasoned adult professionals--all are impacted by poor vs. high quality UX/UI. 
No matter how smart any of us are in our products, our instruction, whatever it may be--our unconscious assumption that others "will get it" and will be eternally grateful to us for contributing this for them--is all too often flawed and needs to be put to the test. This is where my drive and passion comes from that deeply impacts all other aspects of my career and even life. UX/UI Design thinking has, in a sense, ruined me from looking at the world around me the same anymore. I now see everything as a user journey, and either am geekishly ecstatic over how what an intuitive, easy-to-follow, engaging user journey or platform I am seeing, or am slightly disappointed in its flaws and tendency to self-blame for not knowing what I as a user am supposed to be doing.
I welcome if not love feedback and useful criticism. From this perspective, it keeps me on my toes and making sure that I am performing for my users, my learners, my clients, in a way that meets their goals and not drives my ego. 

Links and Work Samples Coming Soon! 


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