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Learning Program Manager | Learning Experience Designer

Professional Summary:

I have over 10 years of experience in transforming learning programs and designing, facilitating and implementing e-learning modules, in-app tutorials, videos, live trainings, and more. I began in public schools as a high school teacher for a small online school, I became obsessed with measuring and identifying meaningful learning experiences. This pivoted into adult learning while (roughly 2013-2018) with launching and guiding a cohort of professional educators in a three to five year project of elevating our organization's learning product into results-driven effectiveness.


My professional background is diverse, ranging from Sr. Manager of Customer Success and Customer Education, Learning Experience Designer within a Learning, Development, & Organizational Change team in a growing fintech, with years of background in variety of settings of digital adoption (ranging from from enterprise L&D angle to customer facing, in-app or 3rd party).

I became enamored with adult learning theories, specifically Informal and Incidental Learning Theory and Communities of Practice while in my grad program. I have also formally studied UX/UI which offer game-changing design principles and processes.  


My personal characteristics are driven by equity and a drive for authentic voice. In my personal life, I have dedicated nearly 2 decades of my life in founding and volunteering in a variety of grassroots social justice groups. 

IceBreakers, Fun Facts:


Biking at sunrise through the lava fields in Iceland, 2017

Some random, fun facts about me:

  • I have a second home in central Mexico and am bilingual (Spanish)

  • I have seen the Northern lights in Alaska, Iceland, and Norway

  • Despite some injuries--I still manage to backpack the high sierras, bike ride to get groceries instead of drive, and I love to kayak.

  • I have two beautiful young adult children and also raised my niece and nephews through their later years as Aunt Deb.

  • I grow about 8 different species of chiles in my yard for amazing salsas.


Backpacking past Devil's Postpile to Minaret Lake, 2020


Ensalada de Nopales with fresh chiles and tomatoes


Kayaking w/Lila at Lake Mojave

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